What are the resolutions of the GIFs I download?
  • 17 Feb 2023
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What are the resolutions of the GIFs I download?

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GIFs offer three qualities: Compressed (256 colors compressed), High Quality (256 colors) and Maximum Quality for your use on various online media platforms.

Quality Type

  • Compressed: 256 colors (compressed)

Our compressed GIFs is designed for online usage. We've optimized the size of the GIFs so that they're compatible with 99.9% of browsers with small file sizes for faster loading.

Our GIFs have the resolution of 640 pixels for optimum delivery on your online media such like webpages or edms.

Sample Compressed GIF: 340kB

If you want to download higher quality GIFs, we provide you two higher quality options.

  • High Quality = 256 colors

Sample High Quality GIF:766kB

  • Maximum Quality

Sample Maximum Quality GIF: 876kB

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