I have a problem playing the video file
  • 17 Feb 2023
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I have a problem playing the video file

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Article summary

All video files downloaded from MotionElements are compatible with most video playback and editing software packages.

Stock video (stock footage & stock animation) may also come with multiple versions, and the purchased and downloaded version may affect its playback quality. It is advisable to purchase the highest resolution version of the stock content to have the best quality available.

Some Pointers!

In the event of problems with video playback, do make note of the following:

  • Playing a high resolution video file may be taxing to your computer hardware. Make sure that your hardware is capable of real time video playback from video files of larger sizes.
  • Alternatively you can make use of our File Conversion function to convert larger files into a compressed format and size that is less taxing to your computer hardware.
  • In some cases the file may have been corrupted due to an interruption during the download process. Verify if you have downloaded the purchase file without any problems by comparing the downloaded file size with the file size indicated on the stock content page.
  • Make sure that you have the latest versions of your video playback & editing software. Having a recent (if not latest) version of Quicktime Player is advisable.

If the problems with your downloaded contents still persist, make note of the video content’s code and Contact Us.


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