Use AudioSearch to find similar music
  • 12 Jan 2023
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Use AudioSearch to find similar music

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Article summary

AudioSearch is our A.I. music search technology.
It helps you look for music faster by understanding the reference track, such as its tone and mood, genre, tempo or rhythm, to find similar compositions using various algorithms.

How to use:-

1. Search with YouTube or SoundCloud URL

  • Paste a YouTube or SoundCloud URL as a reference track to search at the music media type landing page.
    Note: Your reference link needs to be < 25 mins and at least 15 secs in length.


2. Search with audio file

-Drag and drop your audio file or click the Select Files icon to upload your music file from your device.


  • All common media files such as MP3, WAV, AIFF, MP4, WMV, FLV, and H.264 MOV are accepted and must be less than 100MB.
  • The system will securely delete all the files after every search.

3. Search with Similar function

  • Search Similar helps you use a selected MotionElements stock music track to find more of the same.
  • To begin, perform an initial audio search. After you have identified a track you like, click the Similar icon on the search or product page to find similar tracks.

Search page

Product page

Search filters are available on the left panel to help you narrow down results based on genre, mood, instrument, duration, etc.


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