Why should I set some stock content as free?
    • 09 May 2023
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    Why should I set some stock content as free?

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    Our Free stock content pages are among the most frequently visited landing pages. We recommend using these pages as a potential source of sales leads for your products.

    Here are some reasons why you might consider setting some of your products as free:

    1. Attract new customers

    Your Free products will be shown at the Free stock footage, page, promoting your work to new potential customers.


    2. Increase your potential earnings

    We will display your paid products next to your free products in search results and on product pages. This setup increases your opportunities to sell and potentially earn more money by presenting your for-sale products alongside your free products.

    3. Boost your brand

    By offering free content, you can establish your brand and build a positive reputation as a provider of quality content.

    Below is only applicable to video contributors who have enabled the "Video to Image/GIF Converter" add-on.

    Note: If you set your video products as "free", any images or GIFs generated from that video will also be available for free.

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