Stock photo guide
  • 27 Apr 2023
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Stock photo guide

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Article Summary

Technical requirements

  • Resolution: 2 megapixels (1600x1200) and above
  • Maximum file size: 4GB

Accepted file types:

  • PNG .png
  • JPEG .jpg
  • Bitmap .bmp

VR 360° photos requirements:

  • Mono 2D images should be 2:1 aspect ratio with a resolution of 2048x1024 to 8192x4096.
  • Stereo 3D images should be 1:1 aspect ratio with a resolution of 2048x2048 to 8192x8192.

Step 1: Upload

Prepare a separate .zip file for each product

  • Compress each photo file into a .zip file.
  • Name each .zip file descriptively in English, e.g. "", which will also serve as the product title.
  • Maximum file size: 4GB

Upload your files on the Upload page

  • Previews and thumbnails will be generated automatically.

Bulk upload by FTP (optional)

Product typeRecommended price range (USD)Max price (USD)
Photo/Vector$5, $9$9

IPTC / XMP Metadata (optional)

Our parser can identify the metadata in both IPTC and XMP formats to put the metadata into proper formatting.
How to Use IPTC + XMP Metadata Auto-detection feature?

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