Music & sound effects guide
    • 27 Apr 2023
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    Music & sound effects guide

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    Article summary

    Type of content we look for

    We're not looking for:

    YouTube Content ID registered tracks.

    Technical requirements

    • 1 second to 10 minutes
    • 44.1 Khz or 48Khz
    • Minimal 16 Bit

    Accepted file types:

    • WAV (.wav)
    • Audio Interchange File Format (.aiff)

    Step 1: Prepare

    Tips for Music:

    • Create a full duration and 15s / 30s cutdown tracks
    • Create the same track at the speed tempo with different instrumentations
    • Make it easy for buyer to loop the track

    Step 2: Upload

    Prepare a separate .zip file for each product

    • Compress each music track file into a .zip file.
    • Name each .zip file descriptively in English, e.g. "", which will also serve as the product title.
    • Maximum file size: 4GB

    Upload your files on the Upload page

    • Previews will be generated automatically.

    Audio watermarking

    We'll automatically add an audio watermark to your music tracks to protect them. Upload your clean music tracks and we'll take care of the rest.

    Bulk upload by FTP (optional)

    Step 3: Create Album

    Create an Album for the various cutdown and instrumentation Elements.
    Upload an Album Art (optional).

    Product typeRecommended price range (USD)Max price (USD)
    Music$20 ~ $35$199

    Exempt YouTube channels from Content ID claims

    To avoid generating claims against YouTube creators that have purchased a music track on MotionElements and rightfully use these tracks, the contributor that owns the Content ID must allow the use of the purchased track by specific channels. This can be done by adding channels to Allowlist.

    How to Add channels to Allowlist?

    1. Sign in to Studio Content Manager.
    2. From the left menu, select Allowlist.
    3. In the top-right corner, click ADD CHANNELS.
    4. Enter a channel ID or a URL. The channel ID is the 24 character alphanumeric string that starts with 'UC' in the channel URL.
    5. To add more than one channel at once, paste a comma-separated list of channel IDs into the text box.
    6. Click ADD.

    Exempt YouTube channels from Content ID claims
    How to upload files in bulk by FTP

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