Midjourney prompts guide
    • 27 Jul 2023
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    Midjourney prompts guide

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    Type of Midjourney category we look for

    • Backgrounds
    • Beauty ・ Wellness
    • Business
    • Illustrations ・ Clip-Art
    • Industrial
    • Lifestyle ・ Hobby
    • People
    • Science ・ Technology

    Step 1: Prepare

    Before uploading your Midjourney prompt for sale, make sure to prepare it according to the following requirements:


    • Length: Your prompt should be at least 20 characters long but must not exceed 6,000 characters.
    • Placeholders Your prompt must contain at least one placeholder. The placeholder is the [ ] square bracket which can let users put the variable terms into the prompt.
    • Generator Version: Mark your prompt with the specific version of the generator used (e.g., --v5).
    • URL Restrictions: Do not include any URLs in the prompt.
    • Language: Currently, only English prompts are accepted.

    Tips for selling prompts:

    • Use placeholders effectively: When creating your prompt, make sure to incorporate placeholders wisely. This allows users to customize the prompt with different words to suit various scenarios.
    • Maintain Consistent Style: It is essential to keep the style of your pre-generated images consistent. While the subject matter can vary, the overall style should remain uniform throughout. Avoid significant style differences, as they may make the prompt unsuitable for use.

    Step 2: Upload

    Add your Midjourney prompt on the Upload page.

    Once you add your Midjourney prompt, you cannot update it in the future. If you would like to make changes, you can add a new prompt.

    Step 3: Edit Product Details

    After uploading your Midjourney prompt, ensure that the following details are entered and tagged correctly:


    1. Title: Write a suitable title that accurately represents your product.
    2. Pre-generated Images: Include at least 5 pre-generated images showcasing the results of your prompt. These images serve as preview examples for buyers and can be downloaded the unwatermarked version after purchase.
    3. Thumbnail: Choose one of your pre-generated images to be the thumbnail image for your prompt. This thumbnail will be the first image users see when browsing search results.
    4. Categories: Select the most suitable categories that accurately represent your prompt.
    5. Instructions: Provide clear instructions on how to use the prompt. These instructions should guide buyers on utilizing the Prompt effectively. You can fill in the instructions on the product editing page.


    • Keywords: Add relevant keywords that buyers might use when searching for prompts.
    • Description: Provide a clear and concise summary of your product, highlighting its features and potential use cases. This description helps buyers understand and make informed purchase decisions.

    Recommended information to include:

    • Features of the prompt.
    • Possible use cases for the prompt.

    Step 4: Publish

    Click "Save as Draft" located at the top right side of the page and click "Publish" to make your prompt available for sale.

    Recommended pricing

    Product typeRecommended price range (USD)Max price (USD)
    Midjourney prompt$5 ~ $27$27

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