Benefits of selling with us
    • 27 Apr 2023
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    Benefits of selling with us

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    Article Summary

    We believe that everyone has something unique to offer to the world. Our mission at MotionElements is to empower video creators to showcase their skills and connect with a global audience.

    We support our community of contributors by providing resources and tools to help them succeed in their business and earn a recurring income from their creativity.

    Top 3 benefits of being a contributor

    1. Recurring income from your projects

    Re-use your previous projects, extract valuable elements such as transitions, lower-thirds and sell them as stock videos, templates, music, and more to generate a recurring income stream.

    2. Global Coverage, East & West all at once

    Our marketplace caters to a diverse audience by offering localized platforms for various Asian, Latin American, and European markets, providing global access to our contributors.

    3. Fair & Safe

    You earn 50% of every sale. We pay you monthly through PayPal or Payoneer when your earnings reach the minimum payout threshold that you set.

    For additional earnings you can make your products available in our Marketplace Subscription plan.

    Unlock a world of opportunities for your creative assets with our diverse marketplace

    Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, our marketplace provides a one-stop shop for selling a variety of products, including:

    • Stock videos
    • After Effects templates & presets
    • Final Cut Pro / Motion templates
    • Premiere Pro templates & presets
    • Motion Graphics templates
    • DaVinci Resolve templates
    • Stock music
    • Sound effects
    • Stock photos
    • Stock vectors
    • Lottie animations
    • 3D models

    Ready to get onboard?

    Go through our Contributors onboarding guide

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