Refunds and reversed sales
    • 27 Apr 2023
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    Refunds and reversed sales

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    A sale marked Reversed is one that was completed but had been reversed due to 2 possible reasons:

    1. Returns

    MotionElements warrants that the contents sold in the marketplace are free from defects in material or workmanship. Based on MotionElements's refund policy, we will offer a refund within 30 days of purchase.

    2. Chargebacks

    Instead of approaching MotionElements for help, the buyer chooses to file a chargeback through PayPal, Stripe or their credit card company.

    Chargebacks can occur anytime after a sale, sometimes even several months after payment has been made. Credit card providers have set these measures to protect clients when their credentials are stolen and used for unauthorized purchases.

    To minimize such fraudulent purchases, MotionElements has deployed multiple fraud filters.

    MotionElements does its best to protect its contributors by disputing chargebacks. We are able to fight most of these cases, but sometimes credit card companies and PayPal offer buyer protection that does not allow us to dispute. When this happens, the buyer is blocked from future purchases.

    What happens in a reversed sale?

    MotionElements reserves the right to deduct the amount, equal to the sale of the content item that is returned or subjected to a chargeback, from your total sales for that payment period.

    For chargebacks, we do not let our contributors shoulder unnecessary costs.
    MotionElements absorbs both the initial credit card transaction fee and all of the chargeback fees (usually $25-35 per transaction).

    If payment has been made to your account prior to a reversed sale, the record of the reversed sale will be reflected on the following month’s Sales Report as a deduction.

    When a month’s earnings cannot offset a reversed sale, a negative balance will remain which will be offset by your earnings from future sales. Rest assured that this rarely happens and is not a cause for concern.

    It is in the best interests of MotionElements to protect its contributors. We continue to do what is best to market our contributors' works and ensure that they are given what they are due, by being transparent and timely with their payments.

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