How can I take down my products?
  • 09 Jun 2022
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How can I take down my products?

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If the stock content has not been purchased:

you can delete it from your stock content page immediately.

If the stock content has been purchased:

and the last transaction is made less than 3 years ago, you can first Unpublish the stock content.

  • Unpublished stock content can no longer be viewed by buyers.
    Only our staff and you can see this stock content's product page.

  • The stock content will be deleted after a maximum archival period of 3 years.

Why do purchased stock content require a 3 year archival?

As MotionElements is a marketplace, we seek your understanding that we will like to ensure buyers have sufficient time to download their purchases.

With reference to our Contributor Agreement:

For queries, contact us: