How to export metadata?
    • 09 May 2023
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    How to export metadata?

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    Exporting metadata files

    1. Go to Manage Elements
    2. Click on the CSV button to export metadata files for your products.


    1. The metadata files will be email to you.

    Opening metadata file

    Extract .zip file

    1. Extract the .zip file sent to your email.
    2. The metadata files are the ones with the .csv file extension. You can open it in Google Sheets, OpenOffice Spreadsheet, or Microsoft Excel.

    Google Sheets

    1. Upload .csv file to Google Drive.
    2. Open the uploaded file in Google Drive.
    3. Click Open with Google Sheets.

    OpenOffice Spreadsheet / Excel

    1. Open the .csv file.
    2. Select Unicode (UTF-8).
      Select separated by Comma.


    Editing and re-importing metadata file

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