Lottie animation guide
    • 27 Apr 2023
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    Lottie animation guide

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    Article summary

    Type of content we look for

    • Loading animation
    • Heart icon animation
    • Check mark animation

    Technical requirements

    Accepted file formats:

    • data.json (exported by After Effects bodymovin)

    Step 1: Prepare

    If you don’t know how to export your Ae animation into data.json file please follow these instructions:

    Tips for browser compatibility:

    • Not all After Effects properties and effects are supported. Please check this page for compatibility updates: http://airbnb.io/lottie/supported-features.html
    • If the exported animation is missing or does not appear accurate, please try:
      • Removing parenting
      • Removing masks
      • Hiding effects
      • Reducing nested precomps

    Step 2: Upload

    Prepare a separate .zip file for each product

    • Compress each product into a .zip file.
    • Name each .zip file descriptively in English, e.g. "social-media-opening-titles.zip", which will also serve as the product title.
    • Maximum file size: 4GB

    Upload your files on the Upload page

    Step 3: Upload preview video

    Preview video requirements:

    Resolution: 1080×1080
    Video codec: H.264 (.mp4)
    Frame rate: 15-30 FPS
    Bitrate: 8-12 Mbps

    Product typeRecommended price range (USD)Max price (USD)
    Lottie$5, $9$9

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